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Institutional Shares
Institutional Shares are generally for institutional investors and have a minimum investment of $100,000. Institutional Shares are available to investors who invest directly in the Fund as well as those who invest through certain intermediaries. The minimum initial investment may be waived for group retirement plans. Please see the prospectus for more details.

Investor Shares
Investor Shares are generally for individual investors have a minimum investment of $2,000, which may be reduced to $500 for IRAs and certain custodial accounts. Please see the prospectus for more details.


Investor Shares


Capital appreciation.


The Parnassus Asia Fund is a diversified, fundamental, Asia Pacific, multi-cap equity fund. The Fund principally invests in stocks of Asian companies of all-capitalizations. The Fund seeks to invest in good businesses with attractive valuations. The Fund also takes environmental, social and governance factors into account in making investment decisions.


The Fund's share price may change daily based on the value of its security holdings. Stock markets can be volatile, and stock values fluctuate in response to the assets levels of individual companies and in response to general domestic and international market and economic conditions.

There are additional risks associated with foreign investments, such as increased market volatility, a lower level of government oversight in emerging markets, risks associated with focusing on a specific geographic region and exposure to fluctuations in foreign currencies. In addition to large-cap companies, the Fund may invest in small and/ or mid-cap companies, which can be more volatile than large-cap firms. Security holdings in the Fund can vary significantly from broad market indexes.

Fund Facts

Ticker PAFSX
CUSIP 701765208
Minimum Investment $2,000
Gross Expense Ratio 3.53 %
Net Expense Ratio* 1.25 %
Inception Date 4/30/2013
Fund Manager,
Since April 2013
Since July 2014

Jerome L. Dodson
Billy J. Hwan
Fund Strategy Multi-Cap
(Asia Pacific Equity)
Lipper Category Pacific Region
Distribution Frequency Annually
Share Class Assets $10MM
Total Net Assets1 $14MM

* Expenses based on total net assets, net of reimbursement.

1Total net assets represent the combined assets of Institutional Shares and Investor Shares.

As described in the Fund's current prospectus dated May 1, 2015, Parnassus Investments has contractually agreed to reduce its investment advisory fee to the extent necessary to limit total operating expenses to 1.25% of net assets for the Parnassus Asia Fund-Investor Shares. This limitation continues until May 1, 2016, and may be continued indefinitely by the Adviser on a year-to-year basis.

The MSCI AC Asia Pacific Index is an unmanaged index of Asian stock markets. An individual cannot invest directly in an index. An index reflects no deductions for fees, expenses or taxes, but mutual fund returns do.