Investment Professionals

Investment Professionals

Parnassus Investments has served investment professionals and institutional investors for over 30 years. We partner closely with research analysts, consultants and advisors to articulate the investment process and philosophy that guides the Parnassus Funds to the investment community. Advisory and institutional clients can access the Funds through a variety of intermediaries and platforms.

Sales Person Contact For
Kelly Brush
Manager of Advisor Relations
T: (415) 778-2697
  • Business Development
  • Financial Advisors, Financial Consultants, Registered Investment Advisors
    and Family Offices
Scott Liffick
Manager of Institutional Relations
T: (415) 778-2661
  • Business Development
  • Consultants, Broker-Dealer Analysts, Retirement Plans,
    Pensions and Endowments
Turner Miller, CFA
National Accounts Manager
T: (415) 778-2621
  • Institutional Relationship Management
  • National Accounts and Home Offices

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