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In The Community

As an investment adviser who seeks to invest in firms that give back to their communities, Parnassus Investments holds itself to this same standard. Parnassus Investments has a 2 to 1 matching program for charitable donations made by its employees, and we give our employees two paid days a year to volunteer at a nonprofit of their choice. We also may invest up to 2% of the Funds’ assets in Community Development investments.

As an active member in our community, here are some of the organizations that we work with:


Earned Asset Resource Network (EARN)

Founded in 2001, EARN is an asset building organization that works to simultaneously open the door to financial success for the working poor, pilot new solutions to poverty that can be put to work on a large scale, and transform asset policy in California. Parnassus Investments has partnered with EARN to help them achieve their mission to find innovative ways to deal with impoverishment.

Project Homeless Connect Logo

Project Homeless Connect

Project Homeless Connect is a San Francisco initiative intended to compel the general public to connect with and help the homeless. By consolidating available services and connecting homeless individuals to medical care, substance abuse, mental health counseling and other social services, Project Homeless Connect works to help individuals become self sufficient. Parnassus Investments supports this cause by making donations and offering interested employees a paid day off to volunteer at the program's direct outreach events.

UC Berkeley Logo

University of California Incentive Awards Program

The Incentives Award Program, which Parnassus Investments has supported financially since its inception, is committed to helping advance the education of high achieving students overcoming great socioeconomic disadvantages. The program provides a $28,000 scholarship award to California students from low income backgrounds attending the University of California, Berkeley. The program is designed not only to assist students financially, but also socially by providing services such as extensive academic advising, counseling, and leadership development.


CORO Exploring Leadership Program

Launched in 1998, the CORO Exploring Leadership Program provides Bay Area youth with experiential leadership training and internships. As part of this intensive program, participants spend five weeks working at an internship in a non-profit organization, business or government office. In 2005, Parnassus Investments hosted its first CORO intern.