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Legend of Mount Parnassus

The origins of our firm’s name, Parnassus Investments, is tied to Mount Parnassus. The mountain is located in central Greece, and its twin peaks rise more than 8,000 feet above sea level. The mountain plays a prominent role in Greek mythology because on its southern slope, overlooking the Gulf of Corinth, lies Delphi, site of the famous oracle. There were many oracles in ancient Greece, but only the one at Delphi achieved a record of reliability.

Greek god Apollo inspired the prophesies that the Delphic oracle communicated to the people. The most “Greek” of the gods, Apollo represented enlightenment and civilization and presided over the establishment of cities. Identified with the development of Greek codes of law, Apollo was also the god of light, a master musician and a skilled archer.

The oracle obtained a great deal of knowledge and information from talking to people who came from all over the Greek world to consult at the shrine of Apollo. Quite often, the oracle went against the prevailing wisdom of the time. Just like the oracle, our investment team gathers information from a wide range of sources and thinks independently of prevailing market sentiment.